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Maria Elvia Frazier - Founder


Life's full of challenges and opportunities

In 1999- I made the difficult decision to leave the small mountain village deep in central Mexico where I grew up, and immigrate to the United States. I wanted to pursue my dreams of being independent, and run my own business.

Today, with lots of hard work and life lessons I now have several hundred regular customers, and dozens of workers that depend on us to do a great job. I take great pride in this, and see it as a big responsibility.

My work ethic derives from the fact that I grew up without much, on a farm in Mexico with my 6 brothers and sisters where we got up early, and worked very hard to produce by hand everything that we needed. Literally, we grew the corn, to feed the livestock. We sewed our own clothes, and lived within a sustainable - yet fairly simple ecosystem of close friends and relatives.

I'm excited to meet my new customers, and build lasting relationships. I give praise to God/The Universe, and look to make the best of my life.

I enjoy horses, volunteering, good causes, and time with my family.

My Story: Inner_about
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